An analysis of auteurism in the cartoon popeye by robert altman

In 2006, robert altman received a lifetime-achievement award from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, and when he took the stage at the his run as a big-time, big-studio filmmaker effectively ended in 1980 with the comic- strip adaptation popeye, a holiday family film that was actually a. Robert altman's popeye i'm only a common sailor, but i got a soul i gots sensitivity by jon morris watching robert altman's 1980 motion picture adaptation of “popeye,” you find yourself wondering what was it precisely that drew the director to the squinting, muttering cartoon character in the first place it could just as well. (gilbey, 2015)1 this quote encapsulates what robert altman stood for as a film director in that it mystery 3 women (1977), the hollywood satire the player ( 1992), the musical popeye (1980) and the jazz thriller cleverly open it up to interpretation and encourage the conclusion through the subtle changes, playing off.

As it happens, altman was the perfect choice for popeye he was a filmmaker with experience in musical comedy whose irreverence stood out even in the auteur '70s in other words, “i yam what i yam, and tha's all that i yam” enter robert evans, the larger-than-life paramount honcho whose tenure.

Nestled in the nearly 800 boxes that comprise the robert altman archive here at the university of michigan's special collections library is a treasure trove of materials from his 1980 film popeye, which featured robin williams as the mumbling, spinach eating sailor over the last two months since the.

Popeye est un film musical américain de robert altman, inspiré des personnages de la série de comic strips popeye créée par e c segar, et sorti en 1980 sommaire [masquer] 1 synopsis 2 fiche technique 3 distribution 4 sorties cinéma 5 distinctions 51 nominations 6 autour du film 7 article connexe 8 notes et.

Auteur license: robert altman, best-known at the time for iconoclastic comedies and dramas like mash and nashville, getting the reins to a family musical is a perfect example of this (and he pop-star composer: all of the songs, save the cartoon's theme song i'm popeye the sailor man, are written by harry nilsson. I watched popeye, the 1980 robert altman musical that would never, ever, ever happen in any other movie adaptation of a beloved cartoon franchise some songs have shades of satire (in the sweethaven theme, the townspeople are “safe from democracy”) and some are clumsy and perfectly.

An analysis of auteurism in the cartoon popeye by robert altman

One film from the short-lived big-budget cycle of comic book movies that followed in the wake of superman is robert altman's popeye (1980), a perpetual nor were robert altman fans at the time particularly interested in the iconoclastic auteur taking on a big-budget live-action cartoon marketed primarily. As part of their the complete robert altman series, harvard film archive presents the oft-overlooked popeye, starring robin williams and shelley duvall but here's the thing, i was talking about “popeye” — altman's critically despised, big-budget musical comics adaptation that's mistakenly been. In 1980, he directed the musical film popeye produced by robert evans and written by jules feiffer, the film was based on the comic strip/cartoon of the same name and starred the comedian robin williams in his film debut designed as a vehicle to increase altman's commercial clout following a series of critically.

Popeye, of course, sounds like a robert altman film there are more throwaway jokes in the dialogue than most films have right up front, and popeye's mumbling from the classic fleischer cartoons - long my favorite aspect of those cartoons - is a constant companion in a very strange journey (not unlike.

an analysis of auteurism in the cartoon popeye by robert altman Popeye would jump directly from a cartoon series whose heyday was in the 1930s to a 1980 movie musical with nothing in-between harry nilsson, an accomplished and that leaves us one remaining important creator, the director: robert altman wtf forgive the text-era profanity, but wtf.
An analysis of auteurism in the cartoon popeye by robert altman
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