The english speaking world

List of countries, nations and states with an official language of english the official language is english in these english speaking nations list of english speaking countries includes republics with multiple official languages countries where english is spoken is listed alphabetically and sortable by column. The dutch have overtaken sweden as the most proficient english speakers in the world outside the anglosphere. English speaking countries: statistical profile home groups english speaking countries definition: countries where english is spoken as a first language by the majority of the population $2211 trillion 25% of world combined gross domestic product (gdp) in us dollars 45153 million 6% of world combined. Approximately 430 million people speak english as their first language english today is the third largest language by number of native speakers, after mandarin and spanish however, when combining native and non-native speakers it is probably the most commonly spoken language in the world, though.

This is a list of english speaking countries where english is considered to be the official language or the de facto language. An estimated 840 million people speak english around the world known as the global business language, there are 335 million people on the planet who speak it as a first language, and 505 million who speak it as a second language it's no wonder that the demand to join an english speaking course is. Germany is closer to the uk and the small germanic countries the closer you get to the english speaking countries (uk, ireland) and countries with high bilingualism (holland, flanders, denmark, other scandinavian countries), the higher the number of people speaking english and speaking it well. I've listed countries that do not have english listed a major language however, some like germany do have english speakers additionally, the list does not include areas which may be thought of as countries like tibet or kashmir i am a librarian.

List of countries and regions where english is national, primary language or is spoken by a significant portion of the population english speaking countries in europe united kingdom, england, scotland wales northern ireland ireland gibraltar english speaking countries. What the us-americans did to the rest of the world from the 1950s to the 2000s from iran to afghanistan, from vietnam to chile (fact sheet from the film 'bowling for columbine' by michael moore) detailansicht bowlingforcolumbinecom america's story meet amazing americans jump back in time explore the.

How non-english-speaking countries stack up on english proficiency it's the language of international business for more, read rating the english proficiency of countries and industries around the world february 16, 2017 2: 16. In 2006 it was stated in english worldwide, a book by professor david crystal, that there were approximately 400 million native speakers of english in addition, crystal said that there were 400 million speakers of english as a second language furthermore, there were around 600 - 700 million english as a foreign. French translation of “the english-speaking world” | the official collins english- french dictionary online over 100000 french translations of english words and phrases.

What are the colours of the english flag red and white red, blue and white blue and white 9 how many stars does the american flag have 54 52 50 10 which countries does the english channel separate england and spain england and france england and ireland 11 where were the beatles from. Many teachers wish to have help planning projects about the english speaking world for their students webenglishse suggests that you start with the big picture: why english is spoken in so many different countries all over the world click on the map to find lesson materials to answer the question below you can see a list. Academic year 2017/2018 learning outcomes presentation of key techniques, using sample texts, for the linguistic analysis of political, social and economic texts, including the system of evaluation for persuasion effective rhetorical techniques, textual organisation, cohesion and argument structure speaker/writer. It's an inexact science, but while a 2014 report suggested that 54 per cent of europeans claim to speak at least one other language, that figure falls to just 38 per cent for uk residents of course we've got an excuse the rest of the world speaks english indeed, as the map below shows, it is spoken by more.

The english speaking world

We are sure that there are plenty of facts that you do not know about english speakers in the world so we made this fun infographic. The anglosphere is a set of english-speaking nations which share common roots in british culture and history, which today maintain close cultural, political, diplomatic and military cooperation while the nations included in different sources vary, the anglosphere is usually not considered to include all countries where.

  • Bilde: countries where english is a majority language are dark blue countries where it is an official but not a majority language are light blue english is also one of the official languages of the european union.
  • Interesting facts about english-speaking countries and cultures: cultural studies - english-speaking countries (intermediate learner b2) - learning english online.

English is the most widely-spoken language if we put together native and non- native speakers which ones are the main english speaking countries. Approximately 330 to 360 million people speak english as their first language the united states has the most native speakers at 258 million additionally, there are 60 million native english speakers in the united kingdom, 19 million in canada, 165 million in australia, 45 million in ireland, and 38 million in new zealand. The title of the course clearly indicates the intention to take the multiple identity aspect into account the culture of the english-speaking world refers to a broader reality than that of anglo-saxon or anglo-american culture with the english language as a common theme, we will cover some english-language authors from. List of all english speaking countries in the world and their capital.

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The english speaking world
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